Onsite Service/Troubleshooting

At KLM Controls, our focus is to help business owners make their companies more efficient, better organized and more importantly, profitable. We offer our customers a total onsite solution to manufacturing related issues. With one call to KLM Controls, we’ll be able to define the scope of work that may include; machine controls and individual component issues, control systems re-programming and replacement parts supply and installation.

We help our customers keep their systems running by making our engineers available to troubleshoot problems on site. Whether the problem is simple or complex, our engineers use their expertise and experience to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. Don’t wait to call for help while your machine’s maintenance and downtime become more and more expensive.

If you have shrinking resources and need to minimize or avoid downtime, then give us a call today! Call (440) 543-0505 or email us.