Maintaining high quality and low costs is essential for manufacturing businesses today. Often times, low quality and manufacturing productivity can be traced back to original design and programming details. KLM Controls consults with clients to address many types of problems such as machine design, machine program issues, reliability concerns, and maintenance headaches. It is also important to understand how to collect valuable process feedback and make adjustments to your process based on those observations.

Even if you aren’t currently experiencing any major problems, there may be new technological advances you are unaware of which could greatly improve your reliability and productivity. We make it our business to be aware of the latest and greatest equipment developments so we can educate our customers on how to take advantage of them.

Every situation is different but we address possible sources of problems by asking strategic questions that impact production costs, quality, flexibility, and control. We provide a broad range of consulting and technology services which are all designed to help you achieve manufacturing excellence. Each of our engineers are focused on finding solutions that will get you to a level of machine and system performance you desire.

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