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KLM Controls, Inc. is an engineering company specializing in process improvement with industrial controls for manufacturing facilities. We provide system retrofits, upgrades, automation and integration. Whether it is a complete line or partial system enhancement, KLM Controls has the expertise and capabilities to complete the job properly the first time. We have registered professional engineers who use their experience and understanding of the fundamentals of your process to apply the latest technology in solving your needs.

Our engineers take an analytical approach to projects, investigating all the elements involved with your task before defining solutions. Once our engineers have the solution defined, KLM Controls implements your projects using our refined internal processes which maximize repeatability, accuracy and efficiency, during which maintaining the schedule and budget to ensure a successful development.

KLM Controls also uses these fundamentals for troubleshooting and consulting. We help our customers keep their systems running by making our engineers available to troubleshoot problems on site. Whether the problem is simple or complex, our engineers use their expertise and experience to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. Donít wait to call for help while your machineís downtime becomes more and more expensive.

KLM Controls has been in business for over ten years serving manufacturers and OEMs. We have many large customers that use our services repeatedly for various projects and processes through their numerous facilities. We also serve small businesses that have occasional needs. Our OEMs benefit from our refined internal processes and repeatability of common systems they provide.

KLM Controls is capable of handling projects ranging over a million dollars. We provide quotations that comprise all facets of the project including the installation and commissioning and we stick to our quotations. We provide engineering, programming, CAD drafting, panel building, installation and commissioning. You can request all these services for a turnkey project or pick and choose different services to fit your needs. Although our strength is in electrical controls, we offer mechanical solutions to supplement our electrical systems.
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