Setting up and following sound safety practices is no accident. Your people are your most valuable asset and protecting them properly can’t be an afterthought. KLM Controls can help you achieve a working balance between machine guarding, technical compliance, and operator functionality.

Safety systems can be simple or quite involved. You can spend a lot of time investigating what it will take to get from where you are now to a system that meets your needs, and satisfies safety regulations. Let us take that load off your shoulders. We can design and supply custom machine guards, safety enclosures, perimeter guarding and specify all the proper safety rated electrical components. And we don’t stop there, we can help you with any programming and PLC or safety controller upgrades necessary to bring you up to date. We also offer turnkey installation so you can rest assured the job is complete.

Whether you are trying to retrofit safety guarding onto your old machines, putting together a complete new safety system, or doing anything in between, KLM Controls has got you covered.

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