To Our Valued Customers,

As the State of Ohio has issued a shelter-in-place order effective today, March 23, 2020, please know that KLM Controls qualifies as an exception under Essential Businesses and Operations as Critical Trades. This allows us to be available to provide services necessary to maintain operations for our customers, while complying with the CDC guidelines regarding the health and safety of our employees. Our office remains exceptionally clean as we continually sanitize and disinfect all of our common work surfaces, followed by the proper hand washing and social distancing that has quickly become common practice.

The majority of our staff is now working remotely for normal office work that is non-essential to leave our residence. However, we are traveling to customer locations for work essential to their production, including projects and emergency service situations.


Please know that when on-site at customer locations, we continue to abide by social distancing laws and customers’ special visitation rules in addition to our own rules. We understand the importance of enforcing these social distancing laws while on the premises, and we ask for your cooperation to help achieve the goals of these regulations.

We know these are most unusual times, and we understand the increase demand on manufacturers to fulfill the growing need of supplies at this time. KLM Controls continues to be your partner to keep your operation running at maximum efficiency.


Please contact us with your needs.

KLM Controls, Inc.
Office: 440-543-0505